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Cable TV vs. Digital Satellite TV

Thanks for reading our 'insider' report on the differences between cable TV and satellite TV. Please use this information to make an educated decision on how you should move forward with your home entertainment options. Please feel free to forward this article to anyone you wish.

Since it's inception, cable television has consistently held a firm grasp on the paid television market. Over the past 7 years, a battle has been slowly developing between Digital Satellite TV companies and the cable companies. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Digital Satellite TV stands for Digital Broadcast Satellite. The major Digital Satellite TV provider in the US right now is Dish Network.

Digital Satellite TV is a television service that utilizes satellites orbiting high above the Earth to relay a digital television signal to homes in the continental U.S. There are some major advantages to getting Digital Satellite TV service, but first let's talk


Over the past three years, cable rates have increased 21%. These rates are increasing faster than the cost of inflation.

Cable companies are aggressively laying fiber optic cable to homes. This will give customers the ability to have digital television. The problem is that many people in rural areas will never have access to the fiber optic cable. This results in pricing that keeps going up and up.

Picture and sound quality on the traditional analog cable is poor. Many times pictures have a ghosting quality or snow.


Stable pricing structure - Digital Satellite TV service pricing remains fairly consistent without the continuous rate hikes.

Tons of programming choices - Digital Satellite TV provides more programming for the dollar than cable. Studies have shown that on average, Digital Satellite TV services cost the consumer approximately 20% less than with cable tv.

You can't get cable service - If cable is not available or your off-air local reception is poor, or you want to get some of the cable type channels like CNN, ESPN, A&E, etc., Digital Satellite TV is the answer. Not to mention the picture improvement will knock your socks off.

Hate the cable company - Many cable subscribers are reasonably well satisfied with their service, but many are unhappy with poor reception, frequent outages, limited channel selection, and high monthly fees for premium channels. Digital Satellite TV is now an excellent alternative.

Got to have those SPORTS ! - Most cable systems just don't have the channel capacity to compete with the huge selection of sports on DSS right now, and those scheduled to be on other Digital Satellite TV systems in the near future. Did you know that on Dish Network you can get EVERY SINGLE Fox Sports Channel in the US?  Imagine all the college football! If you are a real fan, you can even subscribe to ESPN Gameplan which gives you hundreds of games each season.

Ability to get local channels - In most major cities, you can even get your local FOX, CBS, NBC, AND ABC affiliate stations.

Looking for Specialty Channels - The Dish Network system is carrying many foreign language, religious, and other 'niche' channels that are not available from cable providers.

Pay-per-View and Music Channels - There is a great selection of movies, sports, and concerts on Digital Satellite TV systems. All Digital Satellite TV systems have many channels of CD quality stereo music that can be plugged into a home music system. These audio channels are commercial free.

Quality of Picture and Sound - All Digital Satellite TV systems have excellent picture and sound via digital transmissions versus the 'snow' or 'shadows' frequently experienced with cable or antenna reception.

Technological Leadership - Digital Satellite TV is on the cutting edge of Home Theater technology. Some Pay-per-View movies are already being broadcast in wide screen format, Dolby digital sound output is availabe on some satellite receivers, and you can be sure that satellite will be the first to bring High Definition TV to the home.

As you can see, Digital Satellite TV provides a much more attractive alternative to outdated analog cable television. Better pricing, more choice, better quality. What else could you ask for?

After reading the previous information, I'm sure that you can see why Digital Satellite TV service is far superior to anything else.

I can't begin to tell you how many times our customers have asked us to give our opinion on who is the BEST provider of Digital Satellite TV. After much thought and  consideration, we have to give our nod to Dish Network.

Let me explain why...


DISH Network is your single source for the finest in satellite television entertainment. You get state-of-the-art equipment, a large selection of programming at very reasonable rates and a responsive, highly professional
Customer Service Group, all from a single company with a long history of quality and reliability in satellite television.


With their superb digital signal, the picture is crisp and crystal clear. Sound is also digital with quality reproduction normally only found on CDs. In short, DISH Network gives you the finest picture and sound available today!


DISH Network is fast becoming known as the company offering the most advanced equipment at the lowest prices in the industry. And their programming stands out as giving customers more of their favorite choices for less money than cable or our competitors. Fact is, most consumers will save so much over cable for comparable programming, they'll pay for their system in a year or less. After that, they just plain save and save and save.


Dish Network Ranks Highest in Overall Customer Satisfaction Among Pay TV Companies. Some of the factors influencing consumer satisfaction, in order of importance include:

Customer Service, Equipment
Service Capabilities
Reception Quality

If you would like to read the complete JD Powers story, click on the following link:


Here is a great testimonial that we received the other day from one of our Dish customers:

Before we had our dish, we had regular television from our roof antenna, and the reception for most of the channels was extremely poor. Ghosting, snow, black & white pictures (instead of color), and fading in and out if the wind was blowing, plus we only received 8 channels. Now, with the dish from Connected, all 100 channels come in crystal clear, and we get so many more options. I cant believe we waited so long!

Steve Childs
Agent, American Family Insurance

The best thing about Dish Network is that you can get all your equipment for free and still pay a monthly price that is lower than cable television. Several questions you should be asking yourself right now:

1. Why would I pay more money for an inferior service?

2. Why would I sacrifice my picture and sound quality by sticking with cable?

3. Why would I subject myself to constant rate increases?

By now, I think it should be quite apparent why you should make the switch to Dish Network service. You can sign up immediately by clicking on the following link:

I hope that you have found this article informative. Please seriously consider subscribing to the Dish Network, I guarantee that it will be the best entertainment decision that you could make.

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