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Choosing the Right Direct TV Satellite Dish

While there are fewer choices to be made when choosing a satellite TV dish than there are when choosing a satellite receiver, knowing the difference between the two types of satellite dishes can help you choose the one that will serve you best today and tomorrow.

The type of dish you choose will affect two things: the programming services you will be able to receive and the number of TVs to which you can provide a signal.

Two-Room/Primary Service

This round, 18-inch dish is best if you only need one or two TVs and are only interested in "Primary" rather than "Multi-service" programming, which includes high definition and foreign language programming. These dual-output dishes can send signals to two receivers, allowing each of them to be tuned to different channels independently. Although receiving local programming in some areas requires the wider 18-by-20-inch dish in most parts of the country, you may live in an area that can receive this service with the smaller, round single or dual-output dishes.

DIRECTV Satellite DishIf you currently have or intend to have more than two TV sets in your home we highly recommend this type of dish. Multi-room/multi-service dishes have the ability to provide a signal to as many as four TVs as well as receive signals from satellites the smaller dishes cannot. Unlike the smaller single and dual-output dishes, which can only receive signals from three satellites, these wider 18-by-20-inch dishes can receive signals from all five satellites. These extra two satellites are the ones that handle special services such as Para Todos Spanish-language programming, high definition signals, and local programming.

Keep in mind a satellite system is just that -- a system. Getting a system that is able to receive the programming you want is often a function of both the dish and the receiver. Please make sure the dish you choose is able to receive the services you want and that the receiver you choose is able to use those signals properly.

*Note: In a single-TV system, you must be able to connect the satellite receiver to a phone line at least for the initial setup. To receive Pay-Per-View programming you will need a phone line, so we recommend that you provide the receiver with a full-time connection to a phone line. and  If you have more than one satellite receiver in your home, each one must have a cable connecting it to the satellite dish and a full-time connection to the same phone line.

Whenever you decide that you'd like to check out the satellite dishes we have here online, you will be asked the following questions to help you narrow down your choices.

  • How many TVs do you have in your home?

  • Which of the following services or features are you interested in having?

  • High Definition

  • Foreign Language Programming

  • Local Programming

Source: Circuit City

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