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Current Dish Network and DIRECTV Free Satellite TV System Offers

Dish Network and DIRECTV are battling it out to get your satellite TV subscription. And, throughout the year put together many special TV satellite offers that they are.  Whether you like sports like NFL Sunday Ticket or movies, there will always be a special deal for you to enjoy!

We make it easy for you to decide by bringing these satellite TV offers directly to you on our current satellite TV offers.

Free Dish Network Satellite TV Offers:

Dish Network is America's fastest growing digital satellite TV service with the lowest all-digital price in the US. With hundreds of channels to choose from such as HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, you will always have something interesting to watch at the click of a button. Choose from one the DISH Network dealers below to get your own satellite receivers, satellite dish, as well, you can review all the affordable programming packages available to you.

Free Satellite TV!

What do you get?

Have more than two TVs? No problem. DISH Network has a great option for you, too. The Digital Home Plan offers satellite service for multiple televisions, no equipment to buy, and you get a $49.99 credit on your first bill. Plus, you can upgrade your Digital Home Plan with a DishPVR.

  • Free Installation of a Dish Network System and up to Four Receivers. A Dish Network Installer will come to your home and professional install your brand new satellite dish and satellite TV receiver for FREE! No equipment to buy.

  • Bonus Offer! Choose any ONE movie package FREE for three months!

  • Another Bonus Offer! - Get Back $200! Sign up for a qualifying programming package, and you'll get  a $10 credit on your bill for ten months (until you have received $100 in credits from DISH Network)! And, get a free HD Upgrade and receive an extra $100 if you add HD programming to your selection!

  • When you sign up for Digital Home Advantage , you can upgrade your primary receiver to a DishPVR.

  • DishPVR records 35 hrs of your favorite shows without tapes! ZAP Commercials! PAUSE/REWIND/REPLAY Live TV!

  • Plans available for up to 6 rooms!

  • All equipment comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as you remain a subscriber!

  • DISH Network Digital Home Protection Plan is also included FREE

  • Free Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with selected programming packages.

  • You can also select a FREE HDTV receiver when you sign up for HDTV programming!

  • Over 256 channels of digital quality available.

For all new Dish Network subscribers, all you need to do is signup for any 18 month satellite TV programming package.

Order Your FREE DIRECTV Satellite TV System Right Now!

If you prefer to speak to a customer service representative, please call:

Toll-Free 1-877-998-DISH ext 53233 Local (703) 206-1120 Fax (703) 849-8700
Please reference promotion code: A16

Please visit this authorized satellite TV dealers and see what incredible digital satellite offers they have to offer you!

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