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DISH Network Passes 10 Million Customer Milestone. DISH Network Thanks Customers, Retailers by Giving Away 1,000 Complete High Definition Television Systems.

A Glossary of Satellite TV Terms and Definitions: Ah yes – satellite TV – another new technology. And all those terms and acronyms that you have absolutely no idea what they mean. Well, help is on the way…in fact it’s here now! To help clear the fog, following is a list of the more commonly used terms revolving around satellite TV.

How Satellite TV Works – A Simple Explanation: Satellite TV is talked about so much in the world of consumer viewing. Satellite dishes, receivers, program packages, PVRs, DVRs, HDTV – what does it all mean? How can you even begin to think of buying a satellite TV system when you’re bombarded with all these meaningless terms? So suppose you really knew exactly how satellite TV works? Wouldn’t that put you in a more positive position? Wouldn’t that allow you to make an informed decision when shopping for a satellite TV system?

The History of Satellite TV - A Vision for the Future: Arthur C. Clarke wasn’t thinking “satellite TV” when he wrote an article called “Extraterrestrial Relays”, but the seed was planted. The article, which was published in “Wireless World Magazine” in 1945, started the wheels of progress in motion. Mr. Clarke was a futurist, well ahead of his time. This became obvious when he wrote his book, “2001, A Space Odyssey” which became an eternally favorite movie. He had no idea what an impact his ideas would have on the future of communications. But impact they did!

Choosing a DirecTV Satellite Dish: While there are fewer choices to be made when choosing a satellite TV dish than there are when choosing a satellite receiver, knowing the difference between the two types of satellite dishes can help you choose the one that will serve you best today and tomorrow.

Choosing a DirecTV Satellite Receiver: The satellite receiver is the box that takes the digital signal the dish gets from satellites, decodes it, and sends it on to your TV. The most basic function of a satellite receiver is that of a tuner. Just like radio, this is the box that receives multiple signals and lets you choose the one you want to listen to or, in the case of a satellite receiver, watch.

The Dish Network: Why Pay for Cable?: The Dish Network is one of the top satellite networks, which picks up a digital signal from one of five satellites orbiting the earth. When switch to Dish Network system you are getting access to one or more of these satellites and hundreds of channels they transmit.

Cable TV vs Digital Satellite TV: Since it's inception, cable television has consistently held a firm grasp on the paid television market. Over the past 7 years, a battle has been slowly developing between Digital Satellite TV companies and the cable companies. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Digital Satellite TV stands for Digital Broadcast Satellite. The major Digital Satellite TV provider in the US right now is Dish Network.

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