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The Dish Network: Why Pay for Cable?

The Dish Network is one of the top satellite networks, which picks up a digital signal from one of five satellites orbiting the earth. When switch to Dish Network system you are getting access to one or more of these satellites and hundreds of channels they transmit.

The Dish Network offers the small DBS 18-inch dish and provides you with subscription-based programming. Along with the dish, you will get a receiver and a remote control. Dish Network offers free equipment, so when you make the switch, it doesn't hit your pocketbook with high equipment costs.

The advantage to the digital network is that a digital signal picks up sharper pictures and much better sounds so while you are watching TV, you will feel a part of the action. With surround sound and a big screen, you’ll feel
like you are in a movie theatre.

After purchasing your equipment, you simply choose the programming package that fits your entertainment lifestyle and start enjoying crystal clear digital picture and sound. There are many programs available and all systems have an adult guard feature allowing parents to block children from watching unwanted shows.

When it comes to customer service, JD Power and Associates rated The Dish Network #1 for two years in a row for customer satisfaction. If you have been hesitating about getting into an entertainment system, now is the time to get the best value for your entertainment dollar.

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